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Reverse Logistics

DK Packing has many years’ experience operating Reverse Logistic and Warranty Return Centres that ensure we comply with our customer and legislative requirements.

Our Warranty Returns Centre (WRC) staff work alongside Engineering and Technical Academy teams belonging to our key customers to ensure that they are able to remove quality issues and work with manufacturers to correct faults within their products. The WRC process parts from global markets receiving and unloading shipping containers and international lorries.

The removal of product from the market, at the end of its useful life, ensuring that recycling opportunities are maximised and any unsuable product is minimised and disposed of efficiently and responsibly.

Product is recycled whenever possible and the remaining waste is disposed of in compliance with our ISO14001 certification.

Whether you need a Warranty Return Centre or a take-back scheme to dispose of goods under current or future legislation, why not take advantage of DK Packing & Casemaking’s experience in this field.

Our aim is to ensure that our customers’ needs are met whether that is to return parts to the manufacturer, send parts to remanufacturing or working with specialist teams.  Our staff undertake a varied role dependant on the needs of the customer at that time.

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