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Hand and Machine Packing

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Hand and machine packing servicesAt DK Packing we specialise in both Hand and Automatic Machine Packing.

Many products cannot be cost effectively assembled, labelled, glued, packed, preserved or collated by machine. This is where DK Packing’s team of experienced and flexible hand packers excel by being capable of adapting to all types of complex parts or assemblies.

Our systems and personnel ensure that we guarantee our customers receive a high quality and efficient packing service.

DK Packing also has a range of Autobag Machines for automated packing, the ideal method for large volumes of smaller products. This solution ensures consistent and reliable packing and as our machines print directly onto the bag, the need for a separate label is eliminated. Machine packing is highly cost effective.

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  • Contract Packing
  • Wheel and Tyre Assembly
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Casemaking

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